Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Cybersmart Learner

These are some of the basic things a cybersmart learner should know from the beginning.

  1. Making smart judgements about information and its sources.

  1. Remember that what you post online will be there permanently.

  1. Understand and be able to demonstrate responsible use of technology.

  1. Understand and follow copyright laws.

  1. Be wise about who and how you interact with people online.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Last week at Tech everyone made chocolate muffins! Malia and I were partners once again! Malia and I divided up our work so that we could get it done quicker until it came down to mixing the batter. We both took turns. We managed to finish them in second period. As you can see in the picture that's how they turned out in the end. Though it does not appear mouthwatering, they were quite enticing
One skill I picked up that week was how to fold the batter. 

Tomato Soup

Two weeks ago at Tech us year sevens made tomato soup. At some point Malia was stirring the sauce but she got distracted by the group next to us and spilled some onto the stove. Later on we had to glaze and modify the stove up along with the rest of the kitchen. In the end once it was all completed we poured three spoons full of the tomato sauce onto some rice and got to taste it for ourselves. I'd say we did a pretty good job!

Monday, 26 February 2018

Experience At Tech

We've been going to Tech for two weeks so far and since I'm a year seven, this was my first time. The class was split into three groups. Groups A, B and C. I was placed into group A and the class we were assigned to was the cooking class. So far we've made coloured muffins and a sponge roll. I've had a pleasant time and I hope that it's like this until we swap. I causally was conversating with my classmates and I suddenly developed an attractiveness for cooking.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Day 3 Week 2: Stress

When I'm stressed I rant to my friends over discord whether they're online or off. I also either watch some videos off of YouTube or listen to some music with the volume of the headphones pretty high.

One tip I could give for dealing with stress is to have some you time. Spend some time by yourself for a bit and do what makes you comfortable.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Day 2 Week 2: The Silent Movie

After watching the trailer for The Lion's Cage I'd say it's about a man who gets stuck in a cage, and he's trying to figure out how to get out of the cage. During his attempt at escaping he makes it worse by trapping himself in with the lion. He tries various ways to escape, has a close encounter with a tiger and decides it's better off with the lion. In the end the lion woke up, he was rescued by a woman and then tried to impress her by acting tough around the lion.

I think I would enjoy watching a silent film. A few seem to be based around comedy and I am a fan of comedy.

Day 1 Week 2: The Right To Vote

In Saudi Ariba women weren't allowed to vote until 2015. I think that it's not fair for women to have to wait until 2015 to vote. Everyone should have the right to vote as each opinion matters whether it's to help fix or improve something.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Day 2 Week 1: Rate Out Of 5

A self-portrait of Tamara de Lempicka, drawn by herself!

Out of 5 stars, I'd rate it a 4. My reason for this is because of how amazing the art is! The shading and the art style is unique itself but it doesn't quite fit my interest.

Day 1 Week 2: A Famous Cathedral

Washington National Cathedral
You can find the Washington National Cathedral on the corners of Wisconsin Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue which is in Washington DC.
The construction finished in the year 1990.
It took 83 years for the whole cathedral to be built.

Day 4 Week 1: Playing Games

Poi Rakau 
The game was originally a training game for warriors. 
Two rules of the game are: 
One, the person in the middle has to pass to the people on the outside of them. 
Two, if the person in the middle passes with their right or left hand, the catcher has to catch with the opposite hand.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Day 5 Week 1: Translate

1) Nau mai ki Aotearoa.
Welcome to New Zealand.
2) Riiana is my name.
Ko Riiana toku ingoa
3) What is your name?
He aha to ingoa
4) He pai taku ki te takaro i te whutupaora.
I like to play football.
5) Where do you come from? 
No whea koe?

(As I am Tainui descent we use wh instead of h in words like whea/hea  tewhea/tehea)

Monday, 1 January 2018

Week 1 Bonus 5: #EarnTheFern

If I could ask Bill Kini four questions I'd ask him these.
#1 How often did you train?
#2 How did you organise the time to train in two sports?
#3 What kind of foods were you eating?
#4 Did you have much time to spend with family?